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We now offer a courier service, whereby you can send garments in to us and we will carry out the work required and courier them back out to you.

If you order over $150 you will receive a 10% Discount

Via Internet banking

  • Prices below
  • Deposit your final order
  • Bank Details – ANZ 06 0709 0406315 00

Once we have received the payment and package, and have carried out the work to be done, we will return your garments with free delivery. Print your name, address and contact details clearly and put a note in with your garments, rather than in an email, including what work needs to be done. You must have our full address on the package for us to receive it. If you would like signature required on return delivery, please request.

Please see our online order form below

Credit Card Users

  • Please use the form below.

Once we have received the payment and package, and have carried out the work to be done, your garments will be returned with free delivery. You must have our full address on the package for us to receive it. If you would like signature required on return delivery, please request.

Please see our online order form below

Points to note:

  • All clothing must be Laundered
  • As most Alterations require a fitting you will need to come in to see me
  • Pin garments for finished length at own risk
  • Please be sure to have the correct measurement
  • Example: Use a safety pin, as a pin/sharp object could cause damage to the package or the courier driver
  • Courier at your own risk
  • Once payment & package has arrived, please allow up to 3-7 days for items to be returned, for smaller jobs example Hems/Pants Zips/Jean Buttons.
  • Allow up to 3-10 days all other Items.
  • The Price List below is for Courier online service only – Free Return Delivery
  • Prices include GST
  • If some thing is not on the list Below, such as mending, you could email me with a photo for a quote.

Please see below for help measuring the length of your pants to hem



Jean/Trouser/Overalls/Plain Hem $33.00
Trouser Hem/Blind Stitch $35.00
Original Jean Hem $37.00
Trouser/Re-do Blind Hem (1-2 legs) $16.00
Pants/False Hem $37.00
Track Pants/Hem $33.00
Track Pants Hem/with Leg Zips $39.00
Shorts all Types/Hem $33.00
3/4 Pants/or Long Pants/Splits or Cuffs $39.00
Tops/Tee Shirt Hem – Cover Stitch $35.00
Merino Tops/Hems – Cover Stitch $39.00
Merino Tops/Shorten Sleeves – Cover-Stitch $35.00
Sleeves/long or Short Hem $35.00
Shirt Hem/Straight or Curved   $45.00
Shirt/Shorten Sleeve/Cuff $45.00
Plain Unlined Skirt/Dress Hem $55.00
Plain Lined Skirt/Dress Hem $50.00
Flared Unlined Skirt/Dress Hem $50.00
Flared Lined Skirt/Dress Hem $60.00
Lined Dress/Skirt Hem with Pleat/Split $65.00
Suit Jacket/placket (shorten with buttons) $155.00


1x Jean Patch/Decorative/with Stitching only around out-side $33.00
2x Jean Patch/Decorative/with Stitching only around out-side $50.00
1x Jean Patch/Decorative/with full Stitching $55.00
2x Jean Patch/Decorative/with full Stitching $60.00
1x Jean Patch/Nearly Invisible $35.00
2x Jean Patch/Nearly Invisible $50.00

(All Patches have a backing inside)

Overalls /Zip Replacement $55.00
Dress/Skirt Unlined/Zip Replacement $37.00
Dress/Skirt Lined/Zip Replacement $49.00
Jean/Pants/Trouser/Zip Replacement  $39.00
Pants Lined/Zip Replacement $39.00
Jacket Unlined/Zip Replacement $60.00
Jacket Lined/Zip Replacement $75.00
Coat Unlined/Zip Replacement
(Coat being longer than Top of Thigh )
Coat Lined/Zip Replacement $130.00
Leather Jacket Lined or Unlined/Zip Replacement $140.00
Jean Button x1 $16.00
Jean Button x2 $27.00
Jean Button x3 $33.00

Determine the correct length. Fold the excess length of the pant cuffs toward the inside of the pant leg and pin the pants to the appropriate length. When measuring, it is important to take into consideration the kind of shoes that will be worn with the pants. The jeans illustrated here are fitted for use with high heel shoes, and they will probably be too long to be used with sneakers or tennis shoes. If you measure with tennis shoes, the pants will be too short with high heel shoes. Body posture also affects the measurements. Make sure that the person is facing straight and not looking down when the measurement is taken. Pin the pant cuffs at the proper length or mark the pants with a small mark of taylor’s chalk. If you are pinning your own pants make sure you are looking in a long length mirror side on (with-out twisting your body).

Note: Before sending please replace pin or taylors chalk with a safety pin as this will stay put.

Full StitchInvisible StichOutside Stitch

Original Hem AfterOriginal Hem BeforeCover Stitch

Jeans HemHem PinnedTrouserCorrect LengthOriginal HemShoes For Straight Leg JeansPlain HemCuff LengthsShirt LengthTrousers Break

You’ve found your perfect pair of jeans, but they’re not perfect until they’re properly hemmed for you. How to hem your jeans is a big question, it can be a complicated thing, every style of jean needs to be uniquely hemmed to highlight the best part of those jeans. This will help you find the most suitable hem length for your jeans, whether they are skinny & straight to boot cut and flared.


More images in Gallery to help Determine Correct Hem Lengths, you could also search in Images on Line.

Proper Dress Hem Lengths

Knowing proper dress hem lengths to flatter your appearance guarantees that you will always look good. The proper dress hem length can vary.

Micro Mini

When you put a regular miniskirt on a 5′ 11″ fashion model, it looks a lot shorter than it does on an average person. When an average height girl wants that “fashion model” look, she buys a micro-mini. Its really not much shorter.


Miniskirts cover a little more skin that micro miniskirts. This means they can also be worn in more settings. They’re a little more forgiving in the body department, but still require some slim curves to wear. In addition to a hot date, a miniskirt is fine to wear for a day of shopping or lunch with friends.

Knee Length Skirt

Knee length skirts are the all-around most versatile length for a hem. It doesn’t matter if the skirt rises a little above the knee ora little below, as it all looks good. The length isn’t too long, which would make it seem too formal, and isn’t too short, making it seem too casual. Knee-length skirts also tend to look good on any body type. That perfect knee length can work at a formal reception, at a hip club, at a serious business meeting or a casual dinner party.

Mid-Calf Length

Mid-Calf length skirts work for all occasions, whether formal or casual. The length is a perfect mix of knee length and floor length skirts. The hem is short enough to easily wear in winter conditions, but long enough to help keep you warm. The only drawback to this hem length is that it tends to make big calves look even bigger.

Floor Length

An ankle or floor length skirt may be a subtle style, but it still has its own sex appeal. The length works for any body type. Ankle and floor length skirts are fantastic for wearing to work or to play.

Skirt Lengths

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